Reducing the amount of time needed to submit a flight request by 30% saves you much more than just another handling fee cut. What’s more, not a single online booking tool works everywhere in the world, and those now in use are not designed to process travel arrangements for crew replacements.

We developed Crew.NET with these factors in mind. Crew.NET works with your existing HR-planning software rather than introducing new travel tools. The exclusive Crew.NET application enables crew managers to have their flight reservations taken care of in no time by using their own crew-manning software. The increased speed and improved efficiency delivers significant advantages and helps to avoid errors. Crew.NET provides connectivity and data transmission between planning software and the IMTG systems based on XML communication.
The solution:

  • Results in time savings of >30 % on processing travel requests
  • Contributes to the reduction of ship-owner costs
  • Supports performance and competence management
  • Allows fast crew scheduling and crew replacements
  • Enables the monitoring of pre-agreed service levels

Crew.NET is set up in such a way that it can easily be integrated in all existing crew-planning software without a long and complex implementation period.

Crew.NET enables crew managers to place booking requests completely automatically. Our solution is one step ahead of the so-called Online Booking Tools (OBT) that are now used in the corporate travel industry. The main advantage compared to OBTs is that no request needs to be keyed in; we just link in to your existing process and interface with the software you are currently using.