IMTG  stands for a long lasting cooperation between leading marine travel companies
in The Philippines and The Netherlands. Both companies provide global travel management services  for seafarers and offshore crew.
We support ship owners, ship managers, offshore- and energy companies, crew agents and security companies in arranging complex crew replacements.


We provide services that support our customers to manage crew replacements and lower the costs involved. We ensure your travellers arrive at their destination. Safe and in time.


Our services are flexible, our products in many cases custom built. The Philippine seafarers are world famous while Dutch shipping companies have a reputation for sailing the waves. The cooperation between these two companies provide you maximum flexibility at the lowest possible costs. We move people.


We are more than happy to answer any question you may have.

Address: Valreep 13
1042 AN Amsterdam
Phone: 088-1201901
E-mail: info@imtg.net