Our values

We move people

People are our first priority, whether they work for our customers or at one of our offices. We put people at the first place, ensure they travel safe and perform their work in a safe environment. More than 500 IMTG employees in 13 countries work hard to reach this objective.

We are ethically responsible

We strive to work in an ethically responsible way. We do not tolerate discrimination or corruption in any shape or form. We respect people and conduct business in accordance with the highest possible ethical standards. At the same time, we respect the world in which we provide our services. We are 100% honest and straightforward. We operate fairly and are transparent about our operations and performance. Our integrity is guaranteed across all the markets we operate in.

We listen

We are customer-focused and ensure that our customers are satisfied with the service we provide. We listen to our customers and are prepared to adopt their ideas and adapt our processes if that better fits their requirements. We listen to our own staff and incorporate their ideas into our business strategy.