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VCK Travel is a leader in specialised solutions for shipping, offshore and maritime suppliers. Transportation of ship crews and their management has been our business since 1947, which makes VCK Travel one of the most experienced travel companies in the world. Based in the cities of Europe’s main shipping ports – Amsterdam and Rotterdam – VCK Travel provides unique services to companies that operate in the nautical and offshore industries.

Organising travel for the marine sector requires detailed knowledge of the market. VCK Travel’s travel consultants have a unique track record and unbeaten experience in providing services to this particular niche of the travel market. VCK Travel’s advanced travel planning interface, booking tools and payment & expense claim systems ensure detailed reporting, optimal cost control and guaranteed costs savings.

Whether in the Netherlands or anywhere else on the globe, both corporate and marine travellers want to be able to rely on a partner with international connections, the best possible prices, the lowest operational costs and the highest service available. This perfectly matches the description of what VCK Travel has to offer.

IMTG The Netherlands – VCK Marine Travel
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