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Established in 1989, IMTG The Philippines – Trends Travelmart International Corporation (TTIC) – is a recognised travel service provider for the marine, overseas contract workers and corporate industries in the Philippines. TTIC’s organization is built around people whose average experience with the various demands of the world of travel spans more than 15 years. The solid airline support as offered by our IMTG office in Manila enjoys is a real advantage that we extend to our travel customers. This makes it possible to provide the best routing and most cost-efficient fares. You don’t want to leave your travel requirements to chance –let the experts handle it for you.

Makati skyline shot against blue sky and swirling clouds

IMTG The Philippines – Trends Travelmart
14th Floor BDO Plaza
8737 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City
Manila, The Philippines

Tel: +632 4785401
Fax: +632 8451738