IMTG Australia – Mariner Traveler

Mariner Travel, as the name suggests, has been specialising in marine and offshore travel for decades. Our dedicated team in Australia is committed to provide the highest level of customer service and the most optimum “Personal Touchˮ, while delivering our services to IMTG customers. The long history and extensive expertise in the marine industry means that our local staff understand the often resource-constrained, time-critical and complex nature of our clients’ markets. As a result, we respond to our customer’s travel needs in a more effective and efficient way. Our Australian staff is willing to walk the extra mile if needed, and provides the highest service level possible.

Given the fact that the offshore industry in the waters around Perth is expanding rapidly, a new branch office was opened in Perth in 2012 in order to provide services in the same area where our customers operate.

IMTG Australia – Mariner Travel
473 St. Kilda Road
Vic 3004, Australia

Tel: +613 92119358
Fax: +613 92119359