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Manage your ticket costs

Controlling airfares

In today’s travel industry, what defines the price of a ticket is no longer defined by the route of a certain trip. Floating availabilities, fluctuating currency exchange rates and frequently introduced new taxes and security surcharges are some of the elements that affect the price of a ticket. But the only thing you are interested in is the best price.

IMTG offers you the most competitive airfares worldwide. Our relations with all major travel suppliers are excellent and our smart procurement solutions allow for negotiated discounts. All our travel consultants have full access to all seamen and offshore fares worldwide. In addition, we arrange travel using low-cost carriers, ferry, rail or whatever other means of transport your travel requires. We issue the tickets through our local offices – and deliver the savings to you. You get the lowest price, we keep the happy client. Everyone wins.


Our specially developed pricing tool Sonar makes it possible to search throughout our network, identify the most economical fare and issue relevant travel documents in no time. Sonar makes it possible to compare global fares, and research has shown that this can result in direct savings of up to 30%. There is not a single airline, combination of cities, or booking class that cannot be accessed and monitored. Sonar improves and enhances the quality of the information provided, enables our consultants to book under the most competitive conditions – and provides you with the promised savings.