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IMTG Middle East – Dnata Travel

As one of the largest companies in the Middle East, Dnata Travel is the number one supplier of choice for companies that need crew replacements in the Middle Eastern area. The company has been specialising in providing marine and offshore services since 1999 and is a leader in the region. More than one hundred local, regional and global shipping and offshore companies are currently being serviced by Dnata.

abu-dhabi-sIMTG Middle East – Dnata Abu Dhabi
c-88, Commercial Building
Tower-A, Electra Street
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Tel: + 971 2 644 1335
Fax: + 971 2 644 2486
Email: preetham.kiron@dnata.com
Website: https://www.dnatatravel.com/v2/

IMTG Australia – Mariner Traveler

Mariner Travel, as the name suggests, has been specialising in marine and offshore travel for decades. Our dedicated team in Australia is committed to provide the highest level of customer service and the most optimum “Personal Touchˮ, while delivering our services to IMTG customers. The long history and extensive expertise in the marine industry means that our local staff understand the often resource-constrained, time-critical and complex nature of our clients’ markets. As a result, we respond to our customer’s travel needs in a more effective and efficient way. Our Australian staff is willing to walk the extra mile if needed, and provides the highest service level possible.

Given the fact that the offshore industry in the waters around Perth is expanding rapidly, a new branch office was opened in Perth in 2012 in order to provide services in the same area where our customers operate.

IMTG Australia – Mariner Travel
473 St. Kilda Road
Vic 3004, Australia

Tel: +613 92119358
Fax: +613 92119359
Email: marinertravel@marinertvl.com
Website: http://www.marinertvl.com

IMTG China – Beijing Haili Aviation

Beijing Haili Aviation Service Ltd. was founded in 1995 and has been headquartered since then in Beijing, the capital of China. In 1997, the company became a subsidiary of China Shipping (Group) Company in Shanghai, the largest coastal city in China. It is one of the key state-owned enterprises under the direct administration of the Central Government and is a huge shipping conglomerate that operates globally across different regions.

The office is fully IATA accredited and has implemented all major GDS systems worldwide, including local variations. This gives full access to both the unique domestic content and airfares within China, as well as the worldwide airfares and availabilities in the Amadeus and TravelPort systems. Beijing Haili Aviation Service has been providing travel services to the marine and offshore market as well as the corporate market. Since its incorporation, the company has become an important player in the local market and has strong relations with both the leading Chinese airlines and numerous local airlines.

IMTG China – Beijing Haili aviation service co.,ltd
B12, No. 26, Dis. 3, Anzhenxili,
North San Huan Middle Road
Zhejiang Tower, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100029

Tel: 0086-10-64241293
Fax: 0086-10-64244076
Email: hailiops@gmail.com
Website: https://www.megacap.com.cn/

IMTG Greece – Argo Travel Group

The Argo Travel Group (ATG) was founded in Athens in 1952 by innovators in the growing marine and crew transportation sector. The management team, comprising three generations with ages ranging from 25 to 85, provides ATG with the competitive advantage of experience combined with creativity. ATG has a long track record in providing specialized travel services to the global shipping community and has been the Greek market leader in this industry for many years.

Respecting the prestigious heritage of the Greek merchant navy, ATG has not only met but even exceeded the highest expectations of the industry through its commitment to reliability and the quality of its services. In the local Greek market, ATG also specializes in destination management, providing travel services across Greece with a large range of both B2C and B2B products. ATG has privately owned offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, the island of Santorini and Geneva (Switzerland).

Thanks to impeccable organization, extensive experience and our offices’ state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, ATG’s staff are able to provide ongoing, high-quality services in all of the above-mentioned niches of the travel industry.

imtg-athens-at-night-sIMTG Greece – Argo Travel Group
10, Xenofontos Str., 105 57 Syntagma, Athens, GREECE

Tel: + 30 211 1803000 Fax: +30 210 3238078
Email: info@argotravel.com
Web: http://www.argotravel.com/index.php/en/

IMTG India – Telstar Travels

Telstar, located in India, started its journey in 1975 by bringing together a highly trained team of professionals with expertise in handling marine travel. Since then, Telstar has become a generally acknowledged and highly valued marine travel service provider in the Indian market.

The broad expertise of our Indian-based staff in both domestic and international airfare tariffs and their extensive airline industry experience create distinguishing advantages to companies looking for more productive and cost-effective ways to manage their travel needs. Our marine travel specialists have unbeaten experience and unique aptitude, which allows them to seamlessly communicate with vessels, masters and port agents. Contrary to what has become common practice in the local Indian market, Telstar operates according to a fully transparent business model that immediately contributes to a reduction of the total cost of ownership of crew replacements.

IMTG India – Telstar Travels Pvt. Ltd.
Mistry Court Bldg, Gr. Floor
208, D. Vachha Road,
Mumbai – 400 020,

Contact Person : Ms Farida Maijikar
Phones: +91-22 22022907
Fax: +91-22-2285 3306
Email: ttplmar@telstartravels.com

IMTG Mauritius – Blue Sea Services

IMTG Mauritius, Blue Sea Services Ltd, is headquartered in Mauritius. The company has a large global presence with a dedicated team of personnel in all the key maritime locations. Blue Sea Services Ltd has been in the marine travel business since 1996. Thanks to the combined expertise of the various IMTG Travel partners worldwide, each client of Blue Sea Services Ltd is assured of a truly efficient and cost-effective solution for their marine and corporate travel needs.
Blue Sea Services Ltd has proven to be an extremely flexible service provider that places great emphasis on customisation. Being headquartered in Mauritius and using the strong banking and IT infrastructure available on the island, the company is able to offer clients various added-value services that go beyond those of the traditional travel industry.

IMTG Mauritius – Blue Sea Services Limited
Mt.Ory, Moka,
Tel: +230-2542387
Email: opmru@blueseasltd.com
Website: http://blueseasltd.com/

IMTG The Netherlands – VCK Travel

VCK Travel is a leader in specialised solutions for shipping, offshore and maritime suppliers. Transportation of ship crews and their management has been our business since 1947, which makes VCK Travel one of the most experienced travel companies in the world. Based in the cities of Europe’s main shipping ports – Amsterdam and Rotterdam – VCK Travel provides unique services to companies that operate in the nautical and offshore industries.

Organising travel for the marine sector requires detailed knowledge of the market. VCK Travel’s travel consultants have a unique track record and unbeaten experience in providing services to this particular niche of the travel market. VCK Travel’s advanced travel planning interface, booking tools and payment & expense claim systems ensure detailed reporting, optimal cost control and guaranteed costs savings.

Whether in the Netherlands or anywhere else on the globe, both corporate and marine travellers want to be able to rely on a partner with international connections, the best possible prices, the lowest operational costs and the highest service available. This perfectly matches the description of what VCK Travel has to offer.

IMTG The Netherlands – VCK Marine Travel
Valreep 13
1042 AN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)20 6800 802
Fax: +31 (0)20 6800 899

Email: info@vcktravel.nl
Web: www.vcktravel.nl/en/marine-travel/

IMTG The Philippines – Trends Travelmart

Established in 1989, IMTG The Philippines – Trends Travelmart International Corporation (TTIC) – is a recognised travel service provider for the marine, overseas contract workers and corporate industries in the Philippines. TTIC’s organization is built around people whose average experience with the various demands of the world of travel spans more than 15 years. The solid airline support as offered by our IMTG office in Manila enjoys is a real advantage that we extend to our travel customers. This makes it possible to provide the best routing and most cost-efficient fares. You don’t want to leave your travel requirements to chance –let the experts handle it for you.

Makati skyline shot against blue sky and swirling clouds

IMTG The Philippines – Trends Travelmart
14th Floor BDO Plaza
8737 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City
Manila, The Philippines

Tel: +632 4785401
Fax: +632 8451738
Email: info@trendstravelmart.com
Website: http://www.trendstravelmart.com/

IMTG Singapore – AirServe Marine Travel

IMTG Singapore, Airserve Marine Travel Pte Ltd, is a privately owned Travel Management Company incorporated in Singapore since 1973. It is one of the few organisations dedicated to service the marine travel market in Singapore. After 30 years of experience in meeting travel needs, our local colleagues are fully aware that no two companies are alike and that a “one size fits all” approach just will not do in today’s business. That is why Airserve Marine Travel Pte Ltd offers services that are tailor built around the customer’s needs.

Over the past four years, Airserve Marine has grown significantly, and the main reason for our success is our key strength: our people. Our Management Team has spent an average of 20 years in the travel industry. Staff are selected not only for their industry expertise, but also for their drive to succeed and to build relationships. You will find this to be an advantage when you call upon us, as you will always have an experienced, knowledgeable partner with a “big picture” perspective on every aspect of your travel requirements.

Singapore city skyline seen from the pier

IMTG Singapore – Airserve Marine Travel Pte Ltd
101 Cecil Street, #13-12 Tong Eng Building
Singapore 069533

Tel: 65 6298 1235
Fax: 65 6298 9856
Email: ops@airservemarine.com
Web: www.airservemarine.com

IMTG United Kingdom – Clyde Travel

IMTG United Kingdom, Clyde Travel Management, is a dynamic company where technological efficiencies are fused with tailored and valued personal service. With a distinguished profile in the marine- and offshore travel sphere, having arranged travel for crew management and energy sector companies since 1989, we also manage business travel for a large portfolio of companies in several industry sectors.

Our skillful and innovative team constantly delivers excellent service 24 hours a day, every day. This allows us to offer your business the widest range of crew, offshore and business travel products including bespoke leisure options and foreign exchange. Just like our customers, we put a high premium on service excellence, responsiveness, efficiency and value. These are the cornerstones of our culture.

When in business with IMTG UK, you co-operate with a professional, competitive and dedicated company that helps you managing and controlling your travel needs. Our travel consultants are experienced specialists in Marine and Business Travel. With offices in the main regions to the Maritime- and offshore industry, there is always a service location in the area.

IMTG United Kingdom – Clyde Travel
Clyde Travel Management
Seaforth House
Seaforth Road North
Hillington Park
Glasgow, G52 4JQ

Tel: +44.141.4276500
Web: www.clydetravel.com

IMTG Ukraine – Mariner Travel

IMTG opened their own office in Ukraine in 2010 in response to the rapidly growing importance of the Ukraine in the crewing business. Since then, our local staff has built up a strong foothold in the local market and has serviced many customers. Given the specific role of the Ukraine in the global shipping industry, the majority of our clientele in the Ukraine consists of large crewing companies.

IMTG Ukraine – Mariner Travel
33/B Schevchenko ave,
Business Center, Office 10
Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38050 4161987
Website: http://www.marinertvl.com/